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I promised i’d pull out
I lied

This is how I want all my girls to look like.


I promised i’d pull out

I lied

This is how I want all my girls to look like.

Seeking Candidate for Bimbofication

If you clicked on this ad, hopefully you already know what bimbofication is, but if not, I’ll explain. Bimbofication is a less known sub category of a Dominant/Submissive relationship where the female submissive gives the dominant the power to shape her body, personality, clothing choices, and every other aspect of her being into an airhead bimbo. This is not casual submission, this is a completely new lifestyle and completely new you.
I’m looking for a young woman between 18-24 to give themselves to me. Bimbofication takes a long time and requires changes in behavior and attitude. It can require plastic surgery, life long diets, and a multitude of other commitments.
If you are interested send me an email telling me why you would want to do this along with a few sentences to convince me that you would be committed to this process. Attach a photo of yourself showing yourself from head to toe (clothed). In the subject line put “Barbie”  

Seeking Canidate For Bimbofication - m4w

My ad in Houston seeking a young woman for Bimbofication



Jul 5

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Last Week I was pulled from a deep sleep at 4am by the screams of my neighbors. This couple is always arguing and screaming at one another and often you can hear the smashing of things being thrown around their apartment. I called the police once but apparently in Houston the secret to getting away with something is not answering the door when the cops come. Anyway back to the incident last week. I was awake and trying to ignore the couple, though very aware they were loud even for them. Suddenly I hear a loud crash and the girl screaming “You’re Hurting Me” I jumped to my feet in flash, threw on some clothes, and ran to knock on their door. A moment after my knock, all went silent and the girl came to the door. I was obvious she had been thrown around and hit, but when I asked if she was okay, she reassured me that she was fine. I asked again and again she said she was fine. Finally, I left her be, knowing she wouldn’t admit was going on. I went back to my place and was glad that the screams didn’t continue. I’m still worried about the girl, I’m not sure who far things would have escalated had I not interrupted.

This incident brought an important point to mind that I wanted to share on here. Beating your girlfriend, wife, or significant other is very different than any pain play that happens in a Dom-Sub relationship. A dom doesn’t spank or hurt his sub out of anger. He or She is always in control, and anything that happens be it a spank or hand around a throat is enjoyed by both parties and both parties know that they can trust the other to not take it too far or to stop if they feel it has gone too far. 

If your relationship is physically abusive not let yourself be lied to or lie to yourself about what is going on. On the flip side of that, don’t assume that Doms and subs that like pain play or a rougher version of sex than you are accustomed to, are abusive. 

The Craigslist Sub

Houston has developed a problem with girls claiming they want to be subs in craigslist ads, yet low and behold when an actual Dom speaks to them, they get skittish. It seems these 50 Shades of Grey fans have the courage to claim they want to be dominated, but not to actually go through with it. It would be one thing to try to meet up that very day for a sexual encounter, but a real Dom will strive to get to know them before even meeting. A couple of messages go by and they disappear, possibly their fantasy had become too real.

Bartender Sexual Encounter

I usually save this blog for subjects such as D/s relationships, BDSM, and the like, but I had an experience this weekend I couldn’t help but share. I wouldn’t call it vanilla per se, but it also wasn’t particularly keeping with the lifestyle. I warn you now, you most likely won’t believe this story.

Saturday night I had plans on meeting with friends at a pub just down the street from where I live. Nothing to crazy, just some beers, not even planning on hitting on any women while I was there (I’m still trying to find a sub, but it’s been a long fiasco to find the right one, but that’s another story). I parked in the parking lot behind the bar and started walking up to the door when I go within hearing distance of the space between the back of the pub and concrete walls surrounding the dumpster. I’ve been to this pub many times and know that in this space there is usually a bartender or member of the kitchen staff catching a quick smoke, but unlike most visits I didn’t hear laughs or someone on a phone call, instead I heard a girl crying. I paused and glanced into this space, but it was dark and my eyes hadn’t adjusted to the dim light yet, so I only saw the silhouette of a young woman. I spent a minute contemplating if I wanted to keep walking or not, but my altruistic impulses took control and I walked over to her, bent down asked what was wrong.The young woman looked up and I recognized her as one of the bartenders. My interested was peaked if for no other reason than the fact that she’s a very attractive Latina girl with very nice curves. This night those curves were wrapped in a tiny black skirt and a green top that not only advertised the events for St. Patrick’s day, but also displayed her breasts magnificently. At first she didn’t speak, just looked up at me and sobbed, I put my hand on her shoulder and told her it would be ok. She finally began to speak, and immediately began to wish I hadn’t stopped. Her problems sounds like a combination of the show My Sweet 16 and anything Paris Hilton and ever said. She told me about the drama going on with her ex boyfriend and something mean the other bartender and said to her, then continued with a slew of other problems laced with the repeated use of the word “like.”  It had been awhile since I interacted with a girl, who’s sole problem wasn’t the length of time since seeing me, and I must admit I was at a lost for what to say. I repeated cliches such as “it’ll be ok” and “there, there” 

I was sitting next to her when she began to say that she wasn’t attractive and had no idea when she would meet a guy like her ex. This was my breaking point, I wasn’t going to spend my Saturday being the shoulder for this girl, I’m nice, but I don’t play the role of the “nice guy.” I came up with a quick solution for exiting the situation, come on really strong. I looked at her reassured her that she was very attractive and placed my hand on her bare thigh. I was prepared for her to pull away or to slap me, giving me a window to get up and leave, but she did not. “I’m not trying hard enough” I thought, as I slide my hand up her thigh. I reached her skirt and she didn’t even flinch. My lingered there as I tried to think of what to do next. She had stopped talking and we both were sitting there in deafening silence. This moment seemed to last forever and I hated it, I didn’t feel in control of the situation and that more than anything drives me crazy. I said her name, but she simply glanced at me. I decided this was sign enough to leave so I pulled my hand away a began to get up, but she quickly asked me not to go. I settled back down and looked at her. She stared back at me with an incredible intensity, yet didn’t move. I placed my hand back on her thigh and immediately felt her hand sliding mine down her thigh and under her skirt. I hadn’t even touched her panties yet and I could feel how warm she was. When my had did reach her panties, she guided my hand to start rubbing her as her free hand began rubbing me through my jeans. It didn’t take much to get me hard and her panties only took a moment more to get soaked. 

I leaned down and began kissing and biting the tops of her breasts. I could feel her breathing on the back of my neck and her quiet moans in my ear. I looked up into her eyes, the beast in me looking at her like a weak faun trailing behind the herd. I stopped rubbing her and pulled off her panties. Her eyes showed me was enticed and curious what I was planning. I grabbed her hands and brought her to her feet before hiking up her skirt around her waist and pushing her up against the wall. I dropped my own pants before grabbing her legs and lifting her up against the wall and sliding deep inside her. She was so much tighter than I expected and I let out my own moans as I thrust hard inside her. I immediately wished I had pulled off her top before lifting her up so I could bite her nipples, but it was to late and she was arching and moaning too much to take requests. I could feel her juices dripping down my cock and we both were enjoying the wet sound of my body striking hers. It wasn’t long before I felt her body tighten up around my cock and she released a moan I knew someone would notice. I lower her off the wall motioned to her knees, she sucked on me a moment before I came on her face. It had been awhile since I had produced that much cum, and I had to admit I was proud of myself. 

I had just pulled up my pants, and she had just pulled down her skirt when the kitchen door opened and one of the cooks looked out and asked if everything was ok. He suddenly grinned from ear to ear before closing the door again. I thought he simply figured out what had happened until I glanced back over to the girl and realized that she had cleaned the cum from her face yet. We didn’t have anything to clean her up with other than her panties, so she used them to clean off her face before throwing them in the dumpster. I realized that she would work the rest of her shift in a short skirt and no panties and it made me want to throw her back up against the wall, but it was time she got back to work and I met up with my friends. 

The bartender and I shared a few glances throughout the rest of the night, but we didn’t interact again. I tried to tell the story to my friends but they didn’t believe me, much as I doubt anyone who reads this will believe me.

For A Sub Follower

A sub recently started following me on tumblr, and today she told me how turned on she is when she reads the things I write. I took a look at her page and found that she has dark hair, pouty lips, and large breasts, needless to say I wish I could find out for myself how good or naughty of a Sub she can be. I started to ponder on what I would do to her.

I think I would begin by dressing her up like a good little slut, making sure she’s showing off all her assets as I take her out and show her off, in the mean time getting myself worked up as others see this nice piece of ass on my arm. Eventually find ourselves a semi-public area to practice her orgasm control, bringing her right to the edge but not letting her quite get there. Making sure her panties are nice and soaked before walking her around again, smiling, knowing she’s so wet she’s dripping, yet trying to pretend that nothing is off or peculiar.  

Eventually we find ourselves a dark alley or secluded area and I have her pull her breasts out of her top, get to her knees, and suck me like a cheap hooker. I thrust my cock deep in her mouth, down her throat, my hands on the back of her head. Eventually I pull her to her feet, hike up her skirt, rip off her panties and thrust myself inside her. I pound her little body, her breasts bouncing. I give it to her hard and fast before dropping her back to her knees and cumming on her face. I instruct her to put clothes back in place, but to leave the cum on her face untouched. We walk back to my car, people glancing at her pretending not to know what they see.

I take her back to my place where I strip her body of clothing, then tie her to my bed before biting her breasts as a reward for being my good little slut.